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Airworthiness and Technical Services

The owner or lessee of a non-commercially operated aircraft is responsible for ensuring the maintenance required by the aircraft is accomplished. To achieve this, the owner or lessee of an aircraft contracts the services of an approved continuing airworthiness management organisation.

Continuing airworthiness management services

AVIATRAX TECHNICS is an approved continuing airworthiness management organisation. We are approved by EASA as an EASA Part M subpart G and I organisation, and for Cayman registered aircraft we are approved in accordance with OTAR 39.

Development and management of the maintenance program;

Management and approval of repairs and modifications;

Ensure that the maintenance required by the maintenance program is carried out be an appropriately approved maintenance organisation and correctly release back to service.

Ensure that all applicable airworthiness and operational directives are accomplished;

Ensure that all defects are rectified by an appropriately approved maintenance organisation and is released back to service.

Coordinate scheduled maintenance, the application of airworthiness directives, the replacement of service life limited parts, and component inspection to ensure the work is carried out properly and released back to service.

Manage the aircraft technical records including the logbooks;

Ensure that the mass balance statement is current;

Airworthiness Reviews for the issue of the CofA or continuance of the CofA.

Supplementary technical services

In addition to the continued airworthiness management AVIATRAX TECHNICS offers the following supplementary technical services:

The maintenance organisation selection and contract negotiation of a maintenance support contract and the oversight of maintenance of the aircraft whilst undergoing maintenance at the maintenance organisation's facility;

The management of any warranty or service support contract;

Survey of an aircraft and the aircraft's technical records and Aircraft technical library support;

The development, approval, management and printing of a technical log and MEL;

Oversight of the aircraft delivery including the application for CofR, CofA, radio licence, noise certificate, navigation approval, registration of the ELT's, mode S and SELCAL codes.

Audit services

AVIATRAX TECHNICS also provides auditing services as required by the relevant regulations or the owner's or lessee's internal procedures.

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