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Julian Rose, Managing Director AVIATRAX TECHNICS LTD

Airworthiness and Technical Services

We are a UK-based provider of corporate and private jet airworthiness services and technical consultancy. With over 25 years' experience in maintenance and engineering, we are convinced that the combination of high service level and professional experience is the key to satisfying customers.

Our services

Airworthiness Management;

Nominated Airworthiness Technical Representative (IOM NATR);

Pre-LOI Evaluation;

Records Review;

Pre-Buy Inspection Management;

Registration Change;

Maintenance planning and oversight;

C of A Renewal;

Aircraft Physical Inspections;

Technical Representation during maintenance;

Maintenance Programme Development and Review;

Minimum Equipment List Development.

Supplementary technical services

In addition to the airworthiness management we offer the following supplementary technical services:

Maintenance organisation selection and contract negotiation of maintenance support contracts;

Management of warranty and service support contracts;

Survey of an aircraft and the aircraft's technical records and Aircraft technical library support;

The development, approval, management and printing of a technical log and MEL;

Oversight of the aircraft delivery including the application for CofR, CofA, radio licence, noise certificate, navigation approval, registration of the ELT's, mode S and SELCAL codes.

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